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Download Tattoo My Photo Nirvana apk free . #Tattoo_My_Photo_Nirvana . Do you love Tattoo? Ever wonder getting one inked on your skin, then here you go. A fantastic App is here where you dont need to ink a actual tattoo on your skin, all you need to do is select whichever tattoo you want and take a picture of yourself and place the desire tattoo on it.

This App Tattoo My Photo Nirvana will help you select the very niche tattoos which are of pattern like Nirviana, Oam, Indian Mythological, Sanskrit Words, Yoga Tattoo, Peace tattoo, Buddhaa Tattoo, paintings, design pattern tattoos.

Our artist has developed the tattoos and placed it in our application called Tattoo my photo Nirvana. While taking your photo you can use the app’s camera select desire tattoo, rotate tattoo 360 degree, zoom in zoom out and position it as per your desire and take photo. Bingo here you go with your photos in different mood with different tattoos.

Benefits you dont need to have actual permanent tattoo on your sking, you can have different tattoos different time. you can position tattoo as per your wish and it looks more real than actual tattoos.

once you get your photos inked with tattoos of your wish then you can share them on social networking sites like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, gmail, Twitter through the app Tattoo My Photo Nirvana.

So tattoo your photos with world class tattoo designs and share with your friends on facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram

About This Apk
Name Tattoo My Photo Nirvana
Size 2.33 MB
Version 1.1
Developer Penta Stallions
Category Tools
Supports Android 4.0 +