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Download Secure VPN- Best Vpn Free Fast apk free . #Secure_VPN-_Best_Vpn_Free_Fast . Protect your identity and browse the internet without worries. Try the best free vpn app for Android – Secure VPN. It is free, quality, fast, stable and there are more than 30 locations to connect your Android smartphone to. Just tap ON and you are connected from a secure location and you have a private internet access. This vpn app has been critically acclaimed and rated as the best vpn for android.


No need to slow down your phone or experience the Internet in a slow-mode. This app is easy, light and effective. Just tap the huge ON button and you will have a vpn connection. We think we have the best vpn for Android, just try our vpn service and you will never regret it.


Connect to the internet with our speed vpn. Not only you will be able to browse the Internet privately, you will be safely and securely connected. The free vpn app enables you to surf the net from tons of different countries around the globe: United States, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia and many others. This means that you can use and download apps and services that are only exclusive to a particular country!


– free vpn (up to 800 MB)

– fast and easy to setup

– choose between tons of different servers

– speedy connection, just like the one on your phone

– protects your privacy

– increases security

– gives access to sites that are exclusive to one country (ex. US, UK and Canada services)


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About This Apk
Name Secure VPN- Best Vpn Free Fast
Size 25.96 MB
Version 7.35
Developer VPN VPN
Category Security
Supports Android 4.0 +