Russias Army

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RussiasArmy, the amazing 3D MMO FPS now available on mobile!

Russias Army, the amazing 3D multiplayer First Person Shooter now available on Android!

RussiasArmy FPS MMO has gone mobile, play anywhere; phone, tablet or browser. Meet players from all over the world, chat, shoot and kill them!

This Full version RussiaArmy features all weapon unlocks, inlcuding;


SPAS12 shotgun

Dragunov 50 cal sniper rifle

RG6 tactical grenade launcher

RPG, the iconic Russias Army Rocket Propelled Grenade

In Russias Army comrades we make pieces of history!

About This Apk
Name Russias Army
Size 8.57 MB
Version 1.0.1
Developer Gamevial
Category Others
Supports Android 4.0 +