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Download Firefox Browser fast & private apk free . #Firefox_Browser_fast_&_private . That’s what I call browsing

Firefox has been around since 2002 and as the time goes by it only gets better.

Firefox is a fast and full featured browser that’s easy to use and safer to navigate. It has an awesome tab manager made for speedy and easy browsing, integrated popup-blocking, integrated search, improved privacy features and more.

You can shake your phone and Firefox adds a web page to your favorites. That’s how cool this browser is.

Firefox promises to run “3D games at near-native speeds” as well as “less crashes and 86% less hanging on page loads” so you got your speed covered. If you’re a gamer there’s no need to look elsewhere: better performance is now meeting online gaming with reduced lags, ping times and optimized overall gameplay through leaner browsing.

If you know your Firefox you should know they care about privacy and security: they promise no access to personal info “like other companies” and, from privacy tools to tracking protection, you’re 100% in charge of who sees what.

About This Apk
Name Firefox Browser fast & private
Size 50.17 MB
Version 67.0
Developer Mozilla
Category Social
Supports Android 4.0 +