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DroidGEN is a Genesis (known in Europe as Megadrive) emulator for Android.

It targets “modern” Android devices running on Android 2.3+ and provides unmatched speed and compatibility.

Get the best Genesis emulator for your Android devices, for less than an coffee !

DroidGEN features a host of impressive features :

– 99.9% compatibility on Genesis games

– Customizable on-screen buttons (size and position)

– Easy-to-use, non-bloated, clean GUI

– Save state support

– Hand-crafted optimized code to save battery life

– Full support for physical controllers

– XPeria Play support

DroidGEN has been successfully tested on a wide range of devices, including these popular ones :

– Acer Iconia Tab A100/A200/A500

– HTC Desire HD, EVO 3D

– Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab

– Sony XPeria Play, XPeria S, XPeria U, XPeria P

DroidGEN proved emulation engine is compatible with virtually ALL Genesis/Megadrive games released.

Currently working for future updated on support for Master System, Game Gear and Sega CD.

*GPL Compliance. This product is making use of some GPLed code. Please send a request by email todroidhits@gmail.comand I will happily provide you with full source code under 7 days, in full compliance with GPL license. You can read GPLv2 license here : Code is available at* Important Note for Google Play Team: If Brad G. (alias Michael T., alias David A. ) sends a (bogus) DMCA notice regarding this app, as he threatened me by email, please be aware he is NOT representing Genesis Plus GX team, and that I complied with GPL license on 2012/08/12 per request, and will provide email conversation as proof.

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Supports Android 4.0 +