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Download Crystal Horse Live Wallpaper apk free . #Crystal_Horse_Live_Wallpaper . Horse is a kind of friendly animal, they are strong and handsome. For many people, horse is a kind of animal symbolizes freedom and beauty.

Do you like this fabulous crystal horse? We can see many different kinds of horses in the zoo or through TV, such as elegant white horses, wild black horses, friendly grey or brown horses, and cute spotted horses. All of these horses are beautiful and attractive. But how about this crystal horse, which is fabulous but unreal in our real life. If you are a horse lover, then you can’t miss this fabulous crystal horse live wallpaper.

Crystal Horse Live Wallpaper include:

-3D supreme HD wallpaper

-Exclusive light particls animation

-With elegant crytasl horse as background

-Astonishing HD graphics

-Dynamic light particles

-Gesture effect

Touch the screen, amazing colorful light particles will spread out on the screen, enjoy the interactive joy!

Key feature of the App:

*Compatible with 99% phones device

*Very small, will not affect system performance

*Battery save function

The free Crystal Horse Live Wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery.


Crystal Horse Live Wallpaper is only available for phones with HD Wallpapers installed. If you don’t have HD Wallpaper, don’t worry, the app will redirect and guide you through the installation process.

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The horse was present in many different cultures, they represent the same concepts of freedom and power. In some cultures, white horses stand for the balance of wisdom and power. In others, like Christianity, the white horse is a symbol of death. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings. Also linked with riding horses, they are symbols of travel, movement, and desire.

In China, the Horse ranks the 7th position among the 12 traditional Chinese zodiac signs. The Horse usually ran and neighed wildly at noon before being tamed, therefore, it was also known as the “Noon Horse” in ancient times.It was believed by the ancient people that the Horse was an elf in the Yellow River and the incarnation of descendants of the Yellow Emperor, and it now symbolizes the subjective spirit and moral standards of the Chinese nation.

The Horse symbolizes Qian (referring to Yin, heaven or a male in the Eight Diagrams) in the worldview of the ancient Chinese people, and it means vigorous and prosperous.

The spirit of the Horse is faithfulness, speediness, nobleness, and the inability to be conquered. The charm of the Horse lies in its utterly devoted spirit, particularly as it shares all ups and downs with men, going through thick and thin together in danger. For humankind, horse is really a good and reliable friend.

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