Basic Geometry

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Download Basic Geometry apk free . #Basic_Geometry . Basic Geometry has 5 subtopics:

1. Basic Shapes and Angles: this gives you information about some basic geometry shapes. Such as: line, line segment, ray, …

2. Polygon: it shows the information and the formulas to find the sum of all interior angles or the perimeter and area of a polygon.

3. Circle: this will give an overall information of a circle with some other related elements, and also give the formula to find the circumference and the area of a circle.

4. Polygon and Circle – Advanced Topics: here we are going to learn about: Pythagorean theorem, the measure of an angle at the center of the circle, on the circle, inside or outside a circle…

5. 3-D Geometry: this will bring you to the new world. You will be introduced some new shapes that look like a pyramid or a can of milk. After that you will learn how to find the total surface area and the volume.

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