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Download Angels Live Wallpapers apk free . #Angels_Live_Wallpapers . The black night sky will take your breath away with the amazing carpet made of blue speckles that spreads endlessly. It seems to you that you see the strange spirit with wings touching the sparkling star. Download free the top Angels Live Wallpapers app and it will take you away to the world of your dreams. Feel like you are the protagonist of the coolest fairy tale and that you have amazing powers. You are standing on the column and observing the crescent moon. It is your loyal ally together with the sparkling stars that embellish the vast cosmos. Decorate your phone with the best pictures and it will look fantastic. Each time you unlock it you will be thrilled with the beauty of the mythical beings. The latest Angels Live Wallpapers will become your favorite one as soon as you start using them.

Best features of the Angels Live Wallpapers

 Absolutely free backgrounds for everyone’s taste

 Fantastic live wallpapers that will cheer you up

 Fabulous moving objects will make your screen special

 Gives your phone a modern new look

Have you ever read a fairy tale and imagined the places and creatures described there? Browse the photos and they will take you away from your everyday problems and worries. You will be floating in the air and enjoying the highest heights. Glance at the shooting star and do not forget to make a wish because it will be granted. With the popular Angels Live Wallpapers you will think that you are in the fantasy you have created. Observe the indigo blue sky and the loveliest spirit made of milky white clouds. Set the newest picture as the background on your smartphone give it the fantastic look. Then add various moving objects like ships and flowers that will make it even more special.

Look at the manifestation of a beautiful young lady with amazing wings. She is surrounded with purple cosmic dust and various shining constellations. Share this photo with your friends and they will appreciate it. All of you will feel the love this girl is spreading. So do not hesitate but decorate your tablet in the best way with this new picture. The sky is covered with the darkest clouds but the strong rays of light somehow spread from the middle and bring hope. There is some figure high above bringing the light into our lives. Scroll through the cool photos to find it and put it on your home screen. With the latest Angels Live Wallpapers you will have the chance to sail away from the gloomy reality and enjoy the universe.

Be thrilled with the colorful rainbow and imagine that you can find the treasure hidden at its end. Since you are in fairy tale maybe you will be lucky enough. See the lovely spirit holding the magical wand and it will show you in which direction you should go. Decorate your smartphone with this popular photo so that you can glance at it any time you wish. Download free the top Angels Live Wallpapers app and do not be scared when you see the stairway and the beautiful lady on top of them. They will lead you to heaven and right now you should make a wish and the shooting star will grant it.

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Name Angels Live Wallpapers
Size 10.32 MB
Version 1.5
Developer Super Live Wallpapers
Category Wallpaper And Themes
Supports Android 4.0 +