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ScriptIt simplifies building JavaScript solutions for the Android platform, including phones, tablets and small devices.

As JavaScript engine, a framework and integrated development environment (IDE), ScriptIt includes important features required to build solutions, including 20 templates, 40+ snippets, 9 layouts, help subsystem and 60+ sample scripts.


• Embedded JavaScript engine – Embedded Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine and provides seamless access to the entire Android platform.

• Code editor – streamlines editing with smart indenting, block indent/undent, block comment/uncomment, JavaScript syntax highlighting, menus, brace matching, etc.

• File menu – operations new, open, save, revert, shortcut run, close, backup and restore.

• Edit menu – operations undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all, select block, toggle comment, delete line, indent, undent, find/replace, snippet, layout, formatter.

• Navigation menu – operations to beginning of file, end of file, beginning of line, end of line, go to line number, go to function, matching brace and error.

• Keyboard shortcuts – Add a keyboard and turn your tablet into a real development machine.

• Templates – start with activity, splash, background worker, sensor, camera, video play, list activity, text to speech, recognize speech, audio recorder and video recorder or choose an empty script.

• Snippets include standard activity methods, function, return, variable assignment (null, array, dictionary), if, else, if-else, switch, with, for, do while, try catch finally, to dialer, to activity, pick image, do work in background, toast and log.

• Layouts produce auto-generated code that uses a resource layout and maps widgets to JavaScript variables.

• Log viewer aids in debugging a scripts and offers filter highlighting to quickly find textual information.

• Console displays all print output

• Run scripts from inside the IDE or separately as home-screen shortcuts.

• Backup and Restore from dated archives.

• Tips – learn about important features.

• Shortcuts – Create a shortcut to directly run a script outside of the ScriptIt IDE.

• Sample Scripts – 50 scripts show how to access Android features like location, sensor, orientation, vibration, contacts, calendar, telephony, SMS, send test, logging, images, files, video, audio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, packages, installed apps, tic tac toe and much more.

• Help subsystem – topics like keyboard shortcuts, language, FAQ and other resources.


• Supports: Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow

• Ratings – Please take time to evaluate ScriptIt before placing a review. Rating without an opinion is not helpful to other users and will be flagged as inappropriate.

• Permissions – Sample scripts need access to device features like: vibration, send SMS, read contacts and calendar events, GPS (access_fine_location & access_coarse_location), record audio, install shortcut, read logs, internet, camera etc. Without permissions, scripts cannot do much.

• Blog – For a deeper understanding of the product, features and programming examples – visit

About This Apk
Name Android JavaScript Framework
Size 1.87 MB
Version 1.3.9
Developer Rob Bowman
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +